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Susan Greenwood - Fine Jewelry Director at Dalumi Group. Ezra is a wonderful designer with a fine eye for detail. Every ring he designs is a special work of art. He is very professional and easy to work with making each transaction a pleasure.


Fraser Brown - Fraser Diamonds & Jewelry - Dublin, Ireland & New York. Bravo to Ezra Solomon and Avigdor. The market for wedding/engagement jewelry prefers a rich story underpinning their purchase - something that has meaning and is heartfelt. This is what Ezra brings in spades.


Alla Ivanchenko - Ben Bridge Jewelers. Designs are Gorgeous & Inspiring - Love the deep meaning behind each design. Best of luck with sharing them with the world! 


Sarina Chandler - Herkner Jewelers. I just received the package, the ring is breathtaking! Thank you so much for all of your help. I look forward to working with you again in the future


Saira Karim - ROLEX. They are Gorgeous Collections and Beautiful Designs.


Ambra Vennarini - Tiffany & Co. I saw your collections of masterpieces. I like your work & skill to combine empty and full shapes with elegant style


Deepa Sajnani - Sacks 5th Ave Director. The designs are very delicate, classic, timeless and appealing to the masses. Good luck!! - Deepa


S.Carr - President. Gem+Jewel. I am a huge follower of your creations. Simply beautiful & so elegant


Ruthy Siegel - Outside Jewelry Sales, CD Peacock. Hi Ezra! Love the designs you have going on!! Love the spacial clean lines in your designs


Oct 29, 2021 Laura Shannon, GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional. You have beautiful pieces and it honestly makes me miss selling and designing jewelry.


Mar 17, 2021 Sheri Taylor, Morgan Jewelers. Very beautiful pieces


Feb 8, 2021 Tami St Germain, Day’s Jewelers. Your new design (Rivkah) is beautiful. Your work is so beautiful.


Dec 6, 2020 Vernon Wilson, Professor of Jewelry Design, University of Panama. Nice Designs.


Nov 1, 2020 Tami. StGermain.  Day's Jewelers. Your work is so Beautiful. I love seeing your work.


Aug 14, 2020 Jeffrey Gross. Design is so unique and that is rare! Excellent piece! Simple yet beautiful! 


April 6 Tami StGermain. Macy's  Jewelry Supervisor. Stunning pieces. Beautiful Collections!


Feb 21,2020 Kimberly Adams. Chipper’s Jewelry. Thanks. Beautiful MAYAN custom 3-Stone ring. Love your work!

July 14, 2019 Jairo Quintero. Tiffany & Co. Beautiful. Excellent diversity of styles covering many tastes

Feb 24, 2019 Melissa Laws. Owner, Frontline Retail. Absolutely stunning Jewelry

Feb 4, 2019 Ghada Messick. Bulgaria. They are stunning. I am impressed

11/17/18 Carey Cason. Bay Hill Jewelers, Orlando. Your rings are truly impeccable and exceed excellence

9/17/18 Yehuda Gerlitz. Sales Director. Truly stunning craftsmanship!

9/5/18 Ross Fields. Walter Bauman Jewelers. Your line looks beautiful!

6/19/18 Deborah Cox. Fine Jewelry Consultant. It’s beautiful. (Mayan Ring) I love your creative looks

5/21/18 Natalie Cardwell Fine Jewelry Manager Belk. Wow! Amazing Designs

April 2, 2018 David Arnold. 30 years in the fine jewelry industry, working behind the counter as well as behind the scenes. I adore your designs, and perhaps someday I can get with a company that features them

March 4, 2018 Suzanne White. Managing Director All Aussie Opal Co. Your jewellery is very beautiful!


November 15, 2017 Jim Hankins - Quality Consultant: BTW  You do Very Good Work

July 2, 2017 Lisa Ingram-Smith - Sales at The Ring by Gold Gals. You have designed beautiful quality pieces,  I am happy to sell your rings.

THANK YOU EVERYONE - TRULY HUMBLED - EZRA - AVIGDOR LLC - Founder/Designer/Owner. 973 898 4770

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