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AVIGDOR Custom Crafted and Award Winning Engagement Rings are available through a Selection of  Trusted Highly Principled Retailers whose philosophy aligns with ours to form a team to take special care of Customers.

For info., Please contact or call USA (973) 898 4770


To The Best Jewelry Stores - Ever!!!


Working with AVIGDOR is a Dream come True - we care about your customers as much as you do !!!

We send customers to you – We cultivate interest in the AVIGDOR Brand.  Having a social media and web presence means that consumers go to our site, and respond to our posts.  When we connect with the customer, we further develop their interest, and then connect with your store providing you with a solid lead, and all the information that will help conclude the sale


AVIGDOR will work with you to support programs aimed at increasing your sales, and your team to ensure your customers get the very best from us

AVIGDOR will fit in with your needs – We work with you to tailor a Collection of Engagement Rings that you will sell

LIFETIME GUARANTEE.  AVIGDOR provides a lifetime "full purchase price on exchange for an upgrade"


PARTNERSHIP: The AVIGDOR BRAND can only be built in partnership with you. Partnership means loyalty. We promise you the best!


Jewelry Stores could do with an engagement ring Icon of exceptional quality. One that retains and increases in value, and that can only be purchased from another store with equally exceptional standards.


AVIGDOR (The "ROLEX of BRIDAL") is there  to work with you for mutual rewards


We will be always grateful to you for being one of your partners


Ezra Solomon

Founder and Designer


Rings with Meanings 

PH: 973 898 4770

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